What is hemiexplorers?
What you should be asking is, who are hemiexplorers? Hello, we’re Helen and Mike and we’re off exploring!
After both spending 10 years working in chemistry (for the same company), we decided it was time to go explore the world, visit new countries, experience their cultures, meet new people and enjoy life (not that we didn’t before this!)

How would you describe yourselves?
Ok, Twitter style in fewer than 140 characters: Helen loves, food, cooking, scouting, running & the outdoors. Mike loves, adventure, scouting, running, mountains & maps. Oh, and each other.

Before setting off on our adventure we were both Explorer Scout leaders in the UK and hope to meet local scout groups in the countries we visit on our travels. We were both also members of our local running club and enjoyed running at our local parkrun in Didcot on Saturday mornings. So a bit of parkrun tourism during our travels is on the to-do list!

What is the blog about?
Simply it’s a travel blog for our trip to update friends, family and anyone else that stumbles across it. Posts will have updates as to where we are and what we’ve been doing, the description of us above will hopefully give you an idea as to what we’ll be getting up to and posting about.

Where is the cover photo from on the main page?
It was taken in Kirishima, Japan, near the top of Karakunidake. The picture was taken by Christy from Hong Kong, who kindly emailed us the pictures she had taken that day.

If you like the photos on the blog, we also have a flickr account that we upload some of our favourite photos to (when we have some time and reasonable internet connection).


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