Goodbye Didcot, hello world!

That’s it; we have finally begun our grand adventure.

It’s been a pretty hectic last few weeks, as to be expected when you’re going away for a year. We’ve had lots of farewells and leaving dos with
3 different leaving cakes, a tough choice there for star baker! Saying our goodbyes to family, friends, work colleagues, the running club and the Explorer Scouts. The warmth and love you’ve all shown us has taken us by surprise and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

We had a memorable final evening with the Explorer Scouts, the young people organised the whole evening and invited back old members, it was great fun. As well as an impressive cake, we received a bear complete with unit scarf to join us on our travels. First challenge was to decide on a name, we’ve decided to call him Thrylls, Bear Thrylls! Here he is, along with the amazing bon voyage cake from the Explorers.


Lots have people have asked about what we are taking and how do you pack for a year. I read an article about packing that really helped, it advised for longer trips, pack for 2 weeks and I’ve tried to stick to that advice. Another piece of advice was to lay out everything you want to take and then take half the stuff and twice the money! So leaving it to the last minute, 2 hours before we left I finished packing and put it all my rucksack. Here’s a photo of everything I’ve taken, just before I packed it all in.


Final question, how do we feel? The excitment is building, we’re about to step on the plane and should hurry up and finish this post! Realisation of what we are embarking on may set in when we reach Japan or perhaps we’ll both be like Mike – very matter of fact, there’s an adventure to be had but it hasn’t started yet!




  1. Glenn · April 13, 2016

    The world isn’t going to now what’s hit it – go get ’em guys!


  2. Pat Evans · April 13, 2016

    An amazing adventure awaits you (but I still don’t know how you will manage with so little luggage!!) – enjoy every moment. xx


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