Small steps and giant leaps

It’s been a busy few weeks and months for us but now that plans are getting finalised and everyone knows, it’s now official. Come April, we’re off! Call it what you like, adult gap year, travelling the world together, exploring different cultures, but come April that will be us – oh and let’s not mention the m-word, we’re still too young, honest!

So, as the title of this post suggests, in the last few weeks there have been some small steps and some giant leaps. In fact quite a few giant leaps, handing in our notice at work (with the unexpected heart racing as I approached my boss with the letter of resignation in hand), permission granted by the bank to rent out our house and then instructing the letting agents and setting a date to move out.

There’s been lots of small steps as well, the frantic decorating of our house so it looked a bit more presentable for renting and all those odd jobs that needed doing one day but weren’t urgent before. We now have quite a stack of travel books on the coffee table at home from the library, which get a thumb through every now and then with a cuppa. Not forgetting this, a blog to document our travels and update friends and family at home or anyone else that stumbles across it. Being new to blogging, I thought I had better get in some practice before we leave and get the site looking how we want it to. I’ll try not to write too much for each post and will always include a picture or two from what we’ve been up but we wait and see how it pans out!


Working 9 to 5, what a way to… spend your spare time!

So where are you going, I hear you ask? Good question, our plans are pretty fluid at the moment but there is a (loose) plan. Hmm, I’m getting an idea for the topic of blog post number two…

Anyway that’ll do for now, welcome to you all and we hope you enjoy the read over the coming months!


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